My guest blogging intro for foodie site saying what am about!

Following the success of our first guest blogger, the incomparably fly Mr Johnny Cool, we bring you Be Our Guest #2, with the also no less cool Lorraine Griffin! A user, Dublin city centre worker, prospective blogger and all round food lover, Lorraine has some very interesting habits, and tells us that she's "Monica like" in her recipe preperation and keeps "customised recipe folders according to source/ethnicity of food /simplicity of recipe /speed of 'time-to-mouth"! Now there's an idea we like! Such ingenuity.
Lorraine works in Marketing in Dublin 2, and mentions that, like us, she's a "food nerd - love buying it, cooking it and eating it."  Well, we love the eating and cooking parts, but perhaps not the buying part! Her Saturdays "are all about farmers' markets & trying out new recipes/places!"
Let's let the lovely Lorraine tell you a bit in her own words. Oh, and if you like her style (we do!), she'll be back later this week, with a deadly piece on a week full of lunches, intriguingly entitled "A Fork and The City"!
So Lorraine, tell us a little about yourself!
Well, I'm not a blogger (yet) but it’s on the cards for 2011!  As you say, I work in Marketing, and I'm inspired by numerous different things, including a love of words, people who do things differently, all things New York, quirkiness, not trying to be too perfect, Joseph O’Connor, storytelling, real conversations, sing-songs (where at least 2 people know more than just the choruses) and movies where there’s no Arnie style action, just a good story. (What! Arnie movies are all about great stories! :))
I love cooking, and trying new recipes.  Pretty much stick with simple dishes that are made with quality ingredients so I’d usually head to Camden Street, buy the meat in one of the butchers there then get all the veg in Evergreen. 
Specialities of (my house) include: chicken & chickpea curry with toasted almonds and crème fraiche, spicy lasagne with homemade garlic bread ciabatta and homemade burgers with rosemary potato wedges and garlic mayo. (Nyom Nyom!)
I'm also really into the idea of secret restaurants, having watched a programme where Jamie Oliver was in NY and had both hosted and attended various secret gatherings in people’s homes.  It’s more relaxed, and instead of serving ‘fashionable’ food, it’s usually family recipes so you get to sample authentic cuisine.   Lily Higgins (chef and sister of comedian Maeve Higgins) is doing this from her home in Rialto (it’s called the ‘Loaves and Fishes’ supper club!) and I'm attending, so I'll be sure to fill all you lunch lovers in! Perhaps a secret lunchtime club could be on the cards?
What about lunchtime Lorraine? Are you a sandwich at the desk type of gal, or more adventurous? We'd guess the latter!
Well, lunch choices are generally selected according to hunger level and mood de jour.  Working just around the corner from Grafton Street means I can satisfy pretty much any food craving every day.  So it’s great for lunch options but bad for cashflow. (More about that in the upcoming "A Fork and The City" post!)
Well, using our site can save you €5.13 per day, so don't give up your lunching because of cashflow, cos we can help there!  Tell us a bit about your fave foods?
Hmmm, my favourite food…there’s no straightforward answer to this one, so I’ve broken it down into categories! (An organised food lover, what's not to love!)
Brunch: Eggs Benedict with pots of tea at Odessa.
Sneaky Sweet Snack: Chocolate & hazelnut brownie from Avoca.
Celebratory Dinner:  If you’re going Celtic-Tiger-stylee then it’s got to be a medium-rare steak with onion rings and the creamiest mash ever from Shanahans (pictured) but if you’re keeping it real for the recession then a 2-course Early Bird from Green Hen does the job (try the mushrooms on brioche w/ poached egg –yum!)
And finally, we'll be giving our users lots of options on this on Friday (post Paddy's Day), but tell us Lorraine, what is your fave hangover food, and your Friday evening pig out food? (We promise we won't let it slip to anyone!
Well for hangover food (dinner), it's got to be Saba to go aromatic duck followed by egg fried noodles and one of the 3* fiery chicken Wok dishes.
My pig-out food would be Fresh Cod and Chips from 'Bistro Café -traditional no-messing chipper with old-style formica tables and benches if you fancy dining in.
Good choices there! (Well, at least not as extreme as Johnny Cool's hangover effort last week!)
Thanks Lorraine, it's great to get some recommendations from our users, and it's obvious your a foodie!
No problem, thanks for having me!