Social media works really well for food producers -find out why..

Tasty Foodie Bytes

Feature on Irish artisan food producers successfully using social media.  This time I interviews leading chef, surfing granola-maker and rural pork butcher.

First a preview of my top ten golden rules for successfully using social media to promote your business...

Food for thought:  Tips for using social media effectively

  • It's all about the content and the context in which it's used.  Make it relevant and interesting; it should educate, provoke or entertain. 
  • Stay true to who you are and what you’re about.  Focus on your passion or your brand and share that passion, knowledge and experience.
  • Adopt a tone and keep it consistent -one voice / personality that is adapted across each of the social media channels.
  • Post timely and regularly, morning, mid-afternoon and late evening work well.
  • Keep posts short and concise.
  •  Use a mix of imagery, video and interactive elements.
  • Make the medium work for you!  Use Facebook tools: polling function, RSVP function, photo- sharing and the ‘Like’ button. Likewise with Twitter, avail of shortlinks (eg bitly) and image software (eg Instagram) to tweet out your content.
  • On Twitter, follow key influencers in the industry and engage with peer groups.  Build your profile in the circles that matter to you and your brand.
  • Reply, respond and engage.  These are two-way communication channels.  If someone phoned you, you wouldn't hang up so apply this same logic here!
  • Harness the community; ask them questions, gather their feedback, see what they like / want.  Social media is a powerful research and profiling tool to learn more about your customers.
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